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Our Coffee

Bent Tree Coffee Roasters was born from a love of coffee in the summer of 2011. They are a small batch, artisan coffee roaster located in historic downtown Kent, Ohio. They seek out and start with high quality Arabican green coffee beans and carefully roast them to perfection. They partner up with people who are skilled at sourcing the highest quality beans from the most dedicated farmers and coffee cooperatives.  They believe that when you pay farmers and producers more to focus on quality, everybody wins.

Our Tea & Compost Initiative Partner

Let’s Grow Akron is a non-profit organization that creates and supports community food gardens in neighborhoods where access to fresh food has been unfairly limited. Let’s Grow Akron has a thirty-two year history of community organizing around food and providing technical assistance in utilizing urban land for food production. Collaborative education programs provide opportunities for people to grow their own food, prepare healthy meals from the harvest and preserve the surplus. Growing food together on a neighborhood level contributes to increased community food security and resilience. #wegrowincommunity

Zero Waste Household Swaps

Our vision is to make the greenest choice the most convenient option every time for the everyday consumer so that a sustainable lifestyle can be accessible for everyone. At Zero Waste Store we strive to provide the world its most trusted online platform where a thriving community of eco-centric individuals can openly share & access environmental knowledge and green resources; where all people can confidently shop carefully vetted brands & low waste swaps with absolute ease.

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