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Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Our Initiatives

We believe that every bit of good can make a large impact on our environment

A sustainable lifestyle is one where we do our best to do less harm to our eco-system.

A regenerative lifestyle is one where we do our best to revitalize, protect and harmoniously live within our eco-system.

We work hard to make living sustainably more accessible because living sustainably is the foundation for living regeneratively.

We join the fight against food eniquality

We believe that every person has the right to fresh and healthy food. We support urban farmers by buying their produce and getting it in front of our community members. We support our community by making locally grown produce more accessible. We do not up charge for produce that we provide to our community. The buyer pays us what we pay the farm because access to fresh food should never come before profit.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

Holistic Health and Wellness

We realize that health is imperative to sustainable living. Chronic health issues and stress related diseases are a top reason that individuals and families may choose more convenient but less eco-friendly options. We do not think that sustainable living should only be reserved for the "healthy". Rather, we want to support our community in the journey for holistic healing.

As we grow we look forward to partnering with a variety of health and wellness practitioners in our neighborhood.

Herbal Treatment

We support the protection and revitalization of our land, water, air and wildlife

We are working behind the scenes with our neighborhood leaders to find creative ways to revitalize the green spaces in our neighborhood. 

We have started using our own yard space in the city for regenerative agriculture and wildlife protection.

Beautiful Nature

Closed Loop System

We are working behind the scenes to help build up the infrastructure to support low waste living in our neighborhood.

As a small business we are not perfect but continue to work hard to move towards a closed loop system.

Zero Waste Store
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