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Zero Waste Living the 80/20 Way

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I recently picked back up listening to podcasts about sustainable living in preparation for our family to go back to low waste living. The last time we did this, I quickly learned that the process can be overwhelming and this time I was searching for instruction. I wanted some kind of blueprint to help me feel supported in this process. Though it may seem simple and picturesque to have cabinets filled with beautiful glass, bright and green plants lining the walls, and sun shining through the windows I knew first hand that once life got to life-ing convenience was what we turned to. I also knew first hand that convenience was the main culprit of keeping us from making change until we got into the deep swing of things. The systems we rely on every day create incredibly complex issues. How could we make a change without feeling paralyzed with all of the problems of our world? How could we make going sustainable more....sustainable for our busy and growing family?

I happened upon The Good Dirt Podcast episode 90. Attainable Sustainability with Stephanie Miller, Author of Zero Waste Living the 80/20 Way. Now let me tell you, my mind was blown! I listened to the episode three times. I shared it with my husband and a few of my friends. I ordered the book and devoured the information. I HIGHLY suggest you listen to the podcast and buy the book or E-Book. It completely changed my perspective. In her book Stephanie outlines 10 action steps that fit into 3 themes. Her 3 themes or the Magic Three are "focus on food" "purge plastics" and "recycle right". Together the Magic Three create the Zero Waste 80/20 rule and I must say, it's good. It helps by breaking it down into actionable steps without the judgement and the expectation for perfection. This helped me focus on the long game; real sustainable lifestyle change for our family and our Earth.

I'm incredibly grateful for community resources and can't wait to share our journey here on our blog!

-Jamila Edwards

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