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Springtime on our farm 2023

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Monday was May 1st, May Day or Beltane, the day right between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. For me it’s always a nice reminder that we are always transitioning from one season to the next and while I may be feeling quite anxious and ready for our summer schedule we just aren’t there yet.

And with that comes radical acceptance. I’ve had to really lean into the concept in the last few weeks. The days still seem long, chaotic and exhausting for me. I’ve finally realized the reason I’ve been feeling so exhausted and overly anxious is because I have HPA Axis dysfunction which affects my adrenal and thyroid glands. I haven’t been officially diagnosed yet but I do have a protocol I’ll be committing to for the month of May until I’m feeling better.

This is the reason I haven’t been able to get up early enough for the first block of my day or stay up late enough for the last block of my day. (I use a block schedule system) Missing out on the first and last block of the day has made it hard for me to keep up with my cleaning routines and organizational systems. That, combined with our big kids school schedule makes things tough to maintain but just 4more weeks until summer vacation!

Around our farm there are signs of Spring life everywhere. Nutrient dense dandelions, wild green onion, and lots of birds surround us. We slowly started to clear what will be our veggie plot and while it looked sad and dead over winter, now its bursting with purple dead nettle and hairy bittercress. As we removed landscaping rocks we found lots of insects underneath that looked recently hatched or still overwintering. We also still have some perennial flowers coming back up from the previous owner.

May first was also the first day to preorder plants from the Let’s Grow Akron fundraiser plant sale! We’re very excited to buy plants for our garden this year. I originally planned to have 4 raised beds in our backyard but due to lumber costs and lack of time it seemed to make more sense to amend the soil and do some creative lasagna gardening.

We are still using The Zero Waste 80/20 method outlined in Stephanie Millers book. We’re still focused on the kitchen. For more about where we started head back and check out our previous blog post about it here. Here are our updates!

  1. Focus on Food - I'm saving some scraps like carrots, herbs, celery and onion bits to make chicken stock. Once we get our garden beds we’ll also use some in an outdoor warm bin. We have gotten pretty good about eating up our leftovers. And while we aren’t meat free, we are much more intentional about the kind of meat we buy and the frequency we eat it.

  2. Purge Plastic - We haven’t found a way to have a completely plastic free grocery experience yet but cooking from scratch has helped reduce thin plastic packaging. We have completely eliminated plastic wrap, and aluminum foil. Instead we use beeswax wrap or I use a baking sheet over my bakeware in the oven. I found some reusable squeeze pouches for smoothies, yogurt or apple sauce on the go. We've also stopped using paper napkins and paper towels instead using fabric. We swapped out our plastic sponge and dish-brush with compostable options. We'll be selling the same napkins, scrubbers, loofah's and beeswax wraps in our shop!

  3. Recycle Right - this one is hard! I thought we were doing it right but have found that a recent search of our local guidelines shows that I’ve still been putting a few things in the bin that do not belong. Those things are plastic containers like sour cream and yogurt containers. Plastic bottles and jugs can be recycled but not these containers, so unfortunately now I’ll have to throw them away.

In addition to focusing on these things, we are continuing to focus on minimizing. We’ve lived in our home a little over one year now. The whole main floor is basically done and can be cleaned up fairly quickly. Now it’s time focus on the bedrooms and clothes.

Our E-Commerce shop will be open end of May! We’ll be hosting a giveaway to get ready so look out for that on our instagram mid May. We’re very excited to serve our community and help make sustainable living easier and more manageable!

Fill out the form on our homepage to subscribe and get updates when we go live!

Thank you for following along on our journey and if you ever want to chat I'm always down for a good email chain, feel free to email me at

-Jamila Edwards

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