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Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Welcome to Life's Flower Farm!

Eric and I started the journey to a low waste lifestyle in 2019. We decided to make the change to a low waste lifestyle because we recognized that almost everything we brought into our home was wrapped in plastic or packaged in something that essentially was single use and disposable. We love the outdoors and have a deep appreciation of nature but the way we lived our lives everyday didn't honor our ecosystem. I knew we wanted to make a change but wasn't sure how to go about it and didn't know where to start. I started looking up youtubers, podcasters and bloggers so I could really start to learn as much as I could about reducing plastic and living more in tune with nature. The more I learned and shared with Eric the more it became clear that this was our way to make a difference. As we started having more kids and building our family we wanted to dedicate our lives to making our Earth a better place for our youth. We started our blog because we wanted to build a like minded community to share our ups and downs with. What was working and not working in other families on this path?

The journey began and our IG was born. We started swapping out paper napkins, paper towels, diapers and wipes to cloth. We leaned into composting and joined a community garden. We discovered what our local rules were for recycling and watched as the amount of trash put out to the curb was cut in half. We learned to shop the bulk sections at our grocery stores and started cooking more from scratch. Then a few things happened. We became pregnant with our last baby, our rental home tested positive for lead, the pandemic started and we were put on lockdown. We downsized into an apartment and my difficult pregnancy had me glued to the couch. Single use disposables went back to being our normal. We ordered take out more than we ever have before and used delivery services I didn't know existed. I was sick with the amount of paper, plastic, styrofoam, and cardboard that was getting thrown away in our trash bin. Our complex didn't have recycling and I had too much to prioritize to learn how to apartment compost cheaply. Like most of the country we went into survival mode.

Fast forward a few years and our youngest is now one years old, we bought our first house, started a business and we are building a farm in our backyard. We're excited to share our life on our farm, learning to live sustainably while helping our community do the same, and all of the joy that comes along with it!

- Jamila Okantah Edwards

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