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Autumn on the farm 2023

Wow, our summer was so fast paced and jam packed I didn't get to slow down and write an update. Here's a brief overview! This summer was our very first Market season, and we were very proud and excited to work with our partner Let's Grow Akron to provide pick up and delivery options for their summer produce share! Along with their produce we also offered zero waste household shops and Stephanie Millers amazing book Zero Waste the 80/20 way. We are incredibly grateful for all of the support and look forward to our 2024 Life's Flower Market season!

Along with our market, our backyard farm was bursting with life! We had a large variety of produce and herbs growing and it was so much fun (and a lot of work). Now that we're into October we have swiss chard still growing strong, but that's about it. We've been getting our garden beds either cleared to plant native wildflower seeds or slightly cleaned up but available for pollinators to overwinter. Most of the herbs we left to support pollinators and self seed for next year.

Now here in Northeast Ohio it's been cold, grey and rainy the last few days. The excitement over Halloween is slowly fading as we look towards Thanksgiving and (dare I say) Christmas. Eric was home for the last month recovering from a work injury that slit his arm and nipped an artery. He ended up with 8 stitches in his arm. Thankfully he was able to take time off to heal and now he is back to work. For those that remember in our Spring update I shared a little bit about my health. I wasn't diagnosed with HPA Axis dysfunction, however, I am working with a doctor to address leaky gut, serious lack of nutrition, along with depression and anxiety and it feels good to be on the road to healing. All of these transitions are reminders that healing takes time and the lifestyle we desire will take seasons of unlearning as well as learning. It won't happen overnight and that's okay.

We are slowly but surely getting into a rhythm of homeschool. We are doing a combination of bookwork curriculum and learning through play and activities. Both our local library and metro park system offer free programing which is great for homeschooling families. We've also been participating in the Fall Hiking spree, getting us out of the house and on the trails. Homeschooling isn't easy and I've heard that it can take a good 2yrs to really settle into it, but I already see the benefits and rewards.

Autumn is my favorite season, I love the cozy cooler weather, the smell of crisp leaves and the beautiful colors. My birthday is in September, and Halloween is my favorite holiday. As Winter nears, I'm using this time as a reminder that we are focused on progress, not perfection. Some days I feel further away from our sustainability goals and some days I feel like we're really getting it right. Either way, if I compare where we are today to where we were 3 or 4 years ago, we've come a long way. I'm working to lean into the season instead of fighting against it. Fall is a time to slow down, reap harvests of the hard work from Spring and Summer, and prepare for Winter hibernation. I don't expect our garden to have the same level of production all year long. Why do I hold myself to a standard that goes against the laws of nature? The more I feel aligned with the regular ebb and flow of natures cycles the easier it is for me to give myself grace as we go along.

What lesson is nature sharing with you during this transitional time?

Thank you for following along on our journey and if you ever want to chat I'm always down for a good email chain, feel free to email me at

-Jamila Edwards

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