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Our Slow Journey to Regenerative Living

"You cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that you can do."

-Shelbi Orme/Shelbizlee (Youtuber)

We are building small urban farm in our backyard and thought it would be perfect to call it Life's Flower Farm! When we made the decision to focus on building a symbiotic and regenerative relationship with our eco-system, we realized that the necessary lifestyle changes were far from easy or simple. It can be hard to slow down in our modern society to reduce waste, eat locally & seasonally, and live in a way that doesn't harm the Earth. While it can be overwhelming, especially being in an urban setting with young kids and a busy daily life, we know that we can take things one step at a time to change our lifestyle. We want to share our experience on Life's Flower Farm to not only share our ups and downs but connect with other like minded folks who are making small changes for a better future.

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